“Working in a temp-agency is a great opportunity to gain experience”


So says 28-year-old Piotr Kurzawski. Piotr has his second employment through MatchMind since he came to Denmark 5 years ago. 

”I came to Denmark from Poland approximately 5 years ago, and I have been active on the Danish job market since. I am an educated engineer, with a bachelor’s degree and previous work experience from my home country, and I have a forklift certificate.

In terms of challenges I face as a non-Danish speaker, I can say that it has definitely made the process much more difficult. I feel the need to compensate for my lack of language skills through other skills, so that I can compete against people who are fluent in Danish. Currently, I regularly go to a company in Aarhus as a warehouse worker, through MatchMind, and I am in charge of loading and unloading containers, managing the warehouse system, overlooking the machinery I work on and collecting necessary logistics information. I find that my personal skills and good ethic made the difference, since I was not an experienced forklift driver, and I was not fluent in Danish. I also take part in the daily meeting with the rest of the teams.

Piotr - HQ

I find that the temp-system is a great opportunity to try new things, gain experience and get exposure. About four years ago, I was collaborating with MatchMind and I went to a company in Aarhus as a temp-worker. I got hired as a production worker, and in no time was promoted to product engineer, despite my lack of Danish skills. I unfortunately lost the position, but I had no doubt in terms of going straight back to MatchMind, which proved to be a good idea because I got work right away. I definitely recommend MatchMind, I have only had positive experiences with this company: fair and timely payment, helpful, professional and supportive personnel. Throughout my collaboration with MatchMind I always felt included – by the company as well as the customers they collaborate with.”

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